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Here at Petcetera, we understand… we understand how much a pet means to you and your family. We understand that costs can be high when taking care of your pet. We understand the anxiety some pets have when seeing their Doctor. And we understand animal medicine.

With over 70 years of Veterinary medical experience, our doctors and technicians can help give you the advice you need to keep your pet healthy and happy!

Petcetera’s beginnings:

Riverside Animal Clinic in Grand Forks was started in 1985 by Dr. Penny Kuhn, who operated the clinic until July 31, 1994. Dr. Hagen then purchased the clinic and changed its name. Due to the infamous “flood of ‘97,” the building on S. 3rd St. was destroyed. Therefore, the animal clinic was temporarily transported to Dr. Hagen’s garage until July 1998. During this period, a new building was being constructed, this time located on 40th Ave. S. In August 1998, the Doctors and staff were able to once again operate in a veterinary hospital setting.

Since its beginnings, the practice has grown from a “1/2” doctor to a “3” doctor practice. The animal clinic has seen an array of clients, from a 3-foot long iguana to a diapered duck.