Meet the Staff

Dr. Hagen,                                                                            IMG_0316

Dr. Hagen grew up with two brothers and two sisters on a farm north of Bismarck, ND. She always wanted to be a veterinarian, and remembers the time when her father knew she was going to become one. It was early one morning, in early spring, and Dr. Hagen

was up to her elbows in mess helping her father work on one of their cows with a uterine prolapse. With that desire and dedication, he knew she would enter veterinary medicine. She joined the U.S. Army out of high school and then attended North Dakota State University. She received her Bachelor of Science at NDSU in 1983, and graduated with her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Kansas State University in 1987. During her years at KSU, she joined the Kansas Air National Guard. Dr. Hagen returned to North Dakota to work at a private practice in Bismarck for three years, where she also transferred to the North Dakota Army National Guard. She then returned to active duty for four years as a Captain in the Army. During this time, she was a veterinarian for two years at the Ellsworth Air Force Base in Rapid City, SD and another two years at the Grand Forks Air Force Base in Grand Forks, ND. In 1994, Dr. Hagen bought Riverside Animal Clinic in Grand Forks and changed its name to Petcetera Animal Clinic. Since the flood of ’97 destroyed the building on S 3rd St., Petcetera was temporarily moved to Dr. Hagen’s garage. A new building was constructed at 40th Ave. S., and in July 1998, Dr. Hagen and her staff returned to a veterinary setting in the new building. Dr. Hagen is licensed in the state of North Dakota and is a member of the AVMA and NDVMA. She currently has four dogs and three cats (most of them acquired from Petcetera), and when a spare moment exists, enjoys taking care of children, golf, and other outdoor activities – if the weather permits!

Dr. Gigstad

Dr. Gigstad had always wanted to be a doctor, although it was late in high school that he  decided that being an animal doctor was the way to go. Dr. Gigstad worked at Rugby Veterinary Clinic every afternoon his senior year in high school through a Vocational Agriculture program. Dr. John Molesworth was his mentor at Rugby Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Gigstad owes him a debt of gratitude for showing him that although being a veterinarian can be hard work, if done with the right attitude, can be really fun and fulfilling. Dr. Gigstad joined the U.S. Army for four years right out of high school, and during his 4 years of active duty in the infantry, he decided that he had better work really hard to get into veterinary school. He started college at NDSU and was accepted after 3 years to Kansas State University where he graduated in 1985. He then worked at Kindness Animal Hospital for 13 years doing mixed animal practice before coming to Petcetera Animal Clinic to work with his wife, Dr. Hagen. He is licensed in North Dakota and Minnesota and a member of the AVMA and NDVMA. Dr. Gigstad has an interest in veterinary dentistry, behavior and more exotic animals like pocket pets, reptiles and birds.

Dr. Zolondek

Christina Zolondek, DVM grew up on a farm near Ardoch, ND.  During her childhood, she helped with the cattle, bison and horses on the farm.  It was the work with these animals and her dogs and cats that made her want to become a veterinarian.
Dr. Zolondek graduated from Midway High School and completed undergraduate courses in microbiology at North Dakota State University.  She graduated from Iowa State University in 2004 with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.  Her first job after veterinary school was at a rural mixed animal practice in North Dakota.  Due to her need to focus on individual animals instead of a herd health mentality, she began her career at Petcetera Animal Clinic in May 2005.
Dr. Zolondek enjoys working with all dogs and cats, but has a special place in her heart for Labrador retrievers.  She also has an interest in soft tissue surgery.  When not in the clinic, she enjoys outdoor activities including horseback riding, hiking and cross country skiing.
Dr. Zolondek is the proud parent to two black labs, one yellow lab, one crazy black cat and seven horses.  She currently resides in Grand Forks,ND.

Dr. Lord

Dr. Stacy Lord is a Grand Forks native and graduated from Grand Forks Central in 1999. She went on to college, where she received a B.S. Degree in Biology from Bemidji State University in 2003 and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree in 2007 from Iowa State University. Dr. Lord is a member of the North Dakota Veterinary Medical Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

After working at small animal practices in Minot, ND and Ames, IA, she finally made her way back home to be near family and friends in June of 2011. She has a strong interest in small animal internal medicine and dermatology. She has background in large animal medicine (swine in particular), but has enjoyed the indoor comforts of working in a small animal practice and focusing on the human/animal bond.

She lives in Grand Forks with her husband, Nathan, and their 2 children, Nicholas and Nora Jo. They have two cats, Emma and Willow. She enjoys spending precious time with her family, listening to music, dancing, spending time outdoors, and reading.

Bobbie, LVT

Growing up in Grand Forks County, Bobbie always had several animals. She graduated from North Dakota State University, which at that time had a two year Veterinary Technician Program. She is licensed in the state of North Dakota and a member of the NDVTA. Bobbie has been a LVT since ’81, and has been employed by Petcetera for seven years, where she enjoys performing dentals on small animals.

Judy, VT

Judy grew up in Grand Forks, ND. She went to the Medical Institute of Minnesota, Minneapolis. After graduating in ’81, she  came back to Grand Forks to work as a veterinary technician. Judy worked at the Forks Vet Clinic, and then later Riverside Vet Clinic, which became Petcetera Vet Clinic in 1994. Judy, husband, and two children live outside of Grand Forks where they farm.


Lindsey, Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT)

Lindsey is from Minot, ND and has been a Vet Tech at Petcetera Animal Clinic since May 2010. She graduated from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology. Even though she has no pets of her own, she enjoys spending time with animals of all sorts and seeing them be healthy and happy. Lindsey was not always interested in Veterinary Medicine, but one fateful day while watching Animal Planet (Emergency Vets to be exact), she noticed the people in the background performing certain tasks and began wondering who/what/where/how/etc. It was that day that she learned about Veterinary Technology and from that point on, the rest is history. She enjoys living in Grand Forks and interacting with both the clients and their pets, seeing the bond that exists between them. Working at Petcetera Animal Clinic has been an experience of a lifetime for Lindsey and she has learned that “Pets are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.”

Heidi, Client Relations Specialist

Born and raised in Grand Forks, Heidi has always loved animals – especially cats.  It started at a young age with her family’s cat Chelsie.  Her love for cats is something that she and her husband share as they have three: “Tigger,” “Supp?” and “Honey.”  The older two are trained to sit, stay, shake, lay down and “get out”; “Honey” is still a work in progress…
Along with a house full of cats, she has two children, Devon and Brooklyn, who share mommy’s love for cats.  Her youngest, Brooklyn, LOVES to “cuddle” with the cats and luckily, they don’t seem to mind it =)
Heidi has been working at Petcetera Animal Clinic as a receptionist since 2004.  Over the years, her love for animals has grown from cats to include dogs and some of the exotics.  When not working at Petcetera, Heidi enjoys family time.  During the summer, Heidi and the kids love watching her husband, Tyson,  race at Rivercities Speedway.

Ellie, Client Relations Specialist

Ellie’s love of animals started at a young age as her mother was a Veterinary Technician.  Growing up she always had two Labrador Retrievers and at least one cat. She currently has one black lab named Storm, Storm is a lab that would prefer to be on the couch next to you then outdoors playing (although she does enjoy rolling in the grass/snow).
Ellie’s passion for animals continued on after graduating high school.  In the fall of 2007 she was accepted to the University of Minnesota Crookston where she studied Animal Science, in May 2010 she graduated with her Bachelor’s in Animal Science.
Ellie started as a receptionist at Petcetera in December 2010, as the future comes she hope to advance her knowledge in the veterinary field.  When not working as Petcetera, Ellie enjoys ice fishing in the winter with her husband, Brian. In the summer Ellie looks forward to helping build derby cars and watching Brian compete in the derby’s!